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The Horwin K1 is the world’s first electric scooter with a seat that does fit into the trunk of any car. Its unique, foldable design makes it your favourite companion in every situation. Escape the traffic jams and travel the last miles on the K1. Top speed 25 km/h with a range of around 35 kilometres per charge.
Color: Black / White / Red / Green
Unfold Size: 1200mm * 615 mm * 985mm
Size After Folding: 1235mm * 536mm * 270mm
Packing Size: 1310 * 360 * 540mm
Net Weight: 18Kg
Packing G.W.: 25Kg
Load Weight: 120Kg
Highest Speed: 25Km/h
Longest Km One Charge: 35-45 km
Charging Time: 3-5h

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Color    Black / White / Red / Green 
Unfold Size    1200mm * 615 mm * 985mm
Size After Folding    1235mm * 536mm * 270mm
Packing Size    1310 * 360 * 540mm
Net Weight    18Kg
Packing G.W.    25Kg
Load Weight    120Kg
Highest Speed    25Km/h
Longest Km One Charge    35-45 km
Charging Time    3-5h
Battery Volume    8.8AH
Battery    Original LG / SAMSUNG
Voltage    48V
Motor Wattage    350W
Motor    Brushless Motors
Over-current Protection    13A+-1A
One Time Full Charge Electricity    0.3KWH
Controller Under-voltage Protection    30+-1V
Controller Power Tube    6
Warranty    1 year

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