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  • Electric scooters are becoming one of the best method of conveyance around your workplace. The electric bikes are smaller and are easier to handle. You don’t have to face any traffic issues. These scooters save your time in traffic and have no parking problem too. You can park the razor scooters in


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  • XL Holding Group specializes in the research and development and production of electric motorcycles. It is the leading electric motorcycle manufacturer in the industry and has agents and partners in countries all over the world. We insist on product improvement and innovation, and insist on creating


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  • 1895 to 1950Patent drawing for an "Electric Bicycle" (1895)The early history of electric motorcycles is somewhat unclear. On 19 September 1895, a patent application for an "electrical bicycle" was filed by Ogden Bolton Jr. of Canton Ohio. On 8 November of the same year, another patent application fo


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  • Motorcycles are by definition efficient machines, but their Prius-like fuel economy often is accompanied by emissions that make a Hummer look clean. As regulators get wise to that fact and go after two-wheelers, the motorcycle industry is embracing alternatives ranging from battery power to hydrogen


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  • In recent years, due to the rapid development of the domestic new energy market, the number of electric motorcycles seen by the roadside is much higher than in previous years. What are the benefits of electric motorcycles? What are the advantages compared with cars?First of all, the use of new energ


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  • XL Holding Group integrated with R&D, production, sales and service, located in Yangtze River Delta Area near to Shanghai and Nanjing, with the advantage of developed economy, convenient transportation and solid industrial foundation. Committed to building up an enterprise resprected by the world an


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